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"This is Batman. Oracle's told me how you fought through the outer defenses. The Batcave isn't usually open to... visitors, but this is a crisis. Brainiac has reactivated Brother Eye and is using his information to hack into the Batcomputer. Catwoman is trapped further along. Help her to escape while I activate the Batcave's final security protocols, and I'll meet you in the inner sanctum." — Batman

The Batcave proper, the Batcave: Inner Sanctum houses the many rooms and stations Batman uses in his war against crime. Hangars, garages, crime labs and computer mainframes are spread throughout a network of caverns and tunnels directly beneath Wayne Manor that allow the headquarters to both exist as a hidden location and act as a veritable and defensible fortress of technology.

The Armored Robotic Custodian, Zetta Drone, and Brother Eye have all had their health and damage reduced in game update 24. A tier 2 alert version of this raid is also released. If entered via the portal in Watchtower/Hall of Doom, it is considered to be the raid version, affected its loot locks.

In-Game History[]

  • Brainiac has co-opted Brother Eye, Batman's sentient satellite, and the OMAC virus to take over the Batcave. With Batman's allies compromised, the world depends on you to face down Brother Eye.


The Batcave: Inner Sanctum raid is also available as a tier 2 alert, with a combat rating requirement of 60.






  • Eye Drones will drain power from their target at about 200 per second using a purple and yellow beam until interrupted or destroyed.
  • NeurOMACs have an orange aura that will stun anyone caught in it. The stun is unbreakable.
  • Omac Primes possess a devastating spin attack that deals high damage and knockback to all it hits.
  • Elite Guardians always move in pairs. While they are linked they will be shielded and will one-hit-KO players - tanks need to separate them either using a wall or putting enough distance between them to take them down swiftly.


Briefings and Investigations[]


  • n/a




  • This instance has an alert version as well as a raid version.
Outside the Batcave

A player outside the Batcave area.

  • This area holds 6 out of 9 green investigation tokens (for the Batcave raids as a whole). The remaining investigations are located in the Outer Caverns.
    Player trail glitch

    The "player trail" glitch.

  • There is currently a glitch that causes the player to fall out of the boundaries of the Batcave, with the only exit being teleporting through the Map menu. Judging from the night sky, the Batcave is actually very high up above Gotham City. Another glitch that causes all recent "frames" of the player to display accompanied it.
  • Prior to attuned gear, it was the source of the highest level gear for free players.
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