The Bat Drone is a rare trinket that summons a pet.


The collectors edition drone device, aka Batdrone for Heroes and Flying Jester for Villains, was a collectors edition bonus trinket from the DC Universe Collectors Edition released early 2011. It is not obtainable anymore.

Bat DroneEdit

Bat Drone is summoned on activation. It attacks enemies with rapid fire ranged single target attacks that cause larger damage and missiles that cause smaller damage but also damage enemies near the target.


  • The Collectors edition pets are the only "attacking" trinket pets that once summoned, will stay out indefinitely unless killed in action. If the user attempts to summon a power tree pet (Robot Sidekick, Suppressor Turret, Watcher, etc), the collectors edition pet will despawn.
  • In Legends PvP, Batman and Future Batman can summon a Bat Drone as part of their abilities, however unlike the collectors edition pet, this one is only temporary. It shoots only stun grenades, and provides a power over time effect to the user and other group members.
  • The codes to redeem the Batdrone / Flying Jester and other bonus content like Legends Batman character are said to have expired yet some survived. A guy on the fourms posted that he redeemed his in September of 2012 and another was redeemed late of December 2012, 2 years after the collection edition was released


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