Lair System Upgrade (Icon)
Base Theme: Cave is a visual theme that can be applied to a player's Lair as part of the Lair System.

The theme dictates the appearance of the base's Mainframe and Generator and other amenities as well as the appearance of the player's Henchmen.

After obtaining a theme, the Player must obtain a Deed which dictates the location of the Lair or Hideout in Gotham City or Metropolis.




  • Holiday Beach Cave
  • Eastshore Cave
  • Northbridge Cave
  • Surfer's Cave
  • Bohemian Cave
  • Cryptic Cove
  • Shrouded Cavern
  • Archaic Cave
  • Creaky Cavern
  • Primal Cave
  • Maniacal Cavern
  • Bone's Cavern
  • Crystal Cave
  • Tidal Cavern
  • Howling Stone Cavern
  • Clandestine Cave
  • Agent's Cavern
  • Occult Cavern
  • Disguised Cavern
  • Camouflaged Cave
  • Rockbound Cave
  • Windswept Cavern
  • Timelost Cave
  • Deep Cave
  • Veiled Cave
  • Riftwalker's Cave
  • Ethereal Cave
  • Whispering Cave
  • Runic Cave
  • Sorcerer's Cave
  • Shady Cavern
  • Course Cave
  • Wicked Cave
  • Petrified Cave
  • Glowing Cavern
  • Glyphed Cavern
  • Veiled Cave
  • Shrouded Cavern

Gotham City

  • Mystical Cave
  • Railway Cave
  • Cracked Cave
  • Sharp Rock Cave
  • Lookout Cave
  • Assassin's Cave
  • Warm Cave
  • Shallow Cave
  • Curerent Cave
  • Sandy Cave
  • Silvered Cave
  • Crystal Cave
  • Brigand's Cave
  • Hidden Cave
  • Recondite Cave
  • Tide-worn Cave
  • Floatsam Cave
  • Dripping Cave
  • Shoreside Cave
  • Driftwood Cave
  • Shipwreck Cave
  • Bone's Cave
  • Windy Cave
  • Washed-out Cave
  • Shallow Cave
  • Tinkerer's Cave
  • Dilapidated Cave
  • Secluded Cave
  • Shadowed Cave
  • Mossy Cave
  • Arkham Asylum Cavern



  • Following his disastrous first encounter with Bane, Bruce Wayne created numerous "satellite caves"; a network of bolt-holes and command posts, throughout Gotham where he could go to at a moment's notice to rest and restock. These caves came in handy during Gotham's No Man's Land when the primary cave under Wayne Manor had been decimated by the Cataclysm earthquake. The entrances to this safehouses are usually marked by a bat symbol that can only be seen in infrared.
  • Batgirl possesses a cave located beneath Gotham that acts as her base of operations. She also had one beneath Bludhaven before the city's destruction.

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