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Not to be confused with Safe House.
Base entrance

The base's entrance.

The Base is the player's base of operations, just like Superman's Fortress of Solitude. It can be decorated with base items and base amenities.

Base location

The player's base as marked on the map.

Bases cost different amounts of cash, depending on location. There are 12 locations to choose from in Gotham City and 19 in Metropolis for free players.

Base decoration mode

The decoration mode. The yellow tetrahedron marks the spot to put the current base item.

The Dive Hideout is available to all players. Players with access to the Lair System receive "Gothic" and "Deco" themes as well.

The basic layout includes a mainframe, which the player could use to make Dispenser Items, the dispenser where the player receives them, and the control panel which could be used to move, rename or decorate the base.

In decoration mode, blue or purple circles marks hotspots in which items may be placed. Most items are limited to certain spots. The player may shift and rotate the item in the hotspot, as well as change the colour scheme. Most items are purely cosmetic and could be destroyed, having only 1 point of health, although they respawn after a short time.

Though base items can be placed anywhere in a base after free placement becomes available, only base items placed on blue or purple circles are visible during PvP lair battles.

The base's name could be up to 20 characters long. The location is marked with a pale blue pillar in the game interface.

When you go to place your base, you must choose the theme first. If you wish to change the theme at a later time, you must relocate the base in order to receive the option to change the theme.

To create a base: (Free players)

1. Complete the Vault mission.

2. Once the mission is completed, you will be given the Dive theme in your inventory. Equip it.

3. You will be given a deed in your inventory. Equip it.

4. Select a location (either in Gotham or Metropolis).

5. Follow the directions in completing and decorating base.


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