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BOUNTY: Kid Flash is a bounty mission for villains that involves locating and defeating Kid Flash.


BOUNTY! LexCorp seeks the capture of the Teen Titan, Kid Flash. Considered a threat to criminal activity: do not approach alone. Often seen racing around Little Bohemia in Metropolis.


  • Locate and Defeat Kid Flash


  1. Near Big Belly Burger
  2. Next to Big Belly Burger
  3. Behind the Villain base on the left side
  4. Near Big Belly Burger In a garden
  5. In between two apartments
  6. Directly Behind Little Bohemia Nightclub



Kid Flash Is very tough and you should use Tank or dps if you can do high damage but tank can take the damage as Kid Flash does a lot of damage very quickly and will stun a lot but if you fly up not to high Kid Flash can not hit you as his attacks range are limited. Also block when Kid Flash is using his Primary Melee attack as he will use a combo.

He will run away if you get to far away from him.

Recomended Level: 53 - 80




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