This is a Wanted mission for heroes located in the East End GCPD. This is also available as a Bounty mission for villains located in the North Burnley Nightclub.


Wanted! The GCPD seeks the removal of a malfunction android, Full House. Considered a serious threat: do not approach alone.


  • Locate and Defeat Full House in Gotham
  • Report to Officer Washburn in the Gotham's East End Police Station (Heroes)


For heroes, start this wanted mission at the wanted poster in the north west corner of the East End Police Station. Note that it shares this poster with other bounties.

Full House map

The orange area is Full House's wandering area, but it is usually found slightly north of where the marker is.

Full House is exceedingly dangerous for low levels and for its own low level, as he could hit up to at least more then 1200 damage no higher

Full House ranged attack

Full House's ranged attack.

For high level players, Full House is a fairly simple kill, he does a stun every so often which isn't too bad as he is located in a fairly unoccupied area.

Other than that he has a stun which makes you dance, nothing really to worry about but you will find yourself using a lot of power to keep breaking out of this annoying stun.

Take a group of DPS's and burn him down, no real tank needed, healer would be useful but dps can just swap aggro and move out of range until he dies.

For soloers, dodging his ranged attacks would be worthwhile. Soloers or low levels in a team should stand on one of the rooftops in the area, as this completely nullifies his charge attack that hits up to at least 813.

Full House is very easily distracted by followers like the Robot Sidekick and Suppressor Turret. Summoning them would almost mitigate all damage for a soloer.



  • Full House's "dance stun" also affects nearby detectives and Joker's Streetgang.
  • Full House has a different, party-like battle track unlike other similar level bounty bosses.



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