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Wanted! The Cult of Blood seeks the defeat of Doctor Fate. Considered a threat to criminal activity: do not approach alone.


-Locate and defeat Doctor Fate in Metropolis.


Mission Found:

Doctor Fate Found:

  • Doctor Fate can be located on top of one of the roofs in the designated mission area.

Dr Fate is a tough fight, he has 3 main moves that are of concern.

1 He will spin in a whirlwind causing high damage

2 He will blast out explosive damage circles on the ground in random directions, high dmg.

3 He will summon an Ahnk that I think heals him (needs checking).

If you can keep the fight on the roof then it is much easier, but with the amount of blocking, rolling and breakouts you'll need to do you might find yourself falling to the ground with Fate following and mobs on the ground joining the fight.

Suggested you take a full group with healer and tank as this is not an easy fight.

Goodluck and have fun!



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