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Aura Styles are the visual representations of items that can be worn by the player as Auras. Once a style piece is equipped, the player will automatically and permanently add the associated style to his or her collection, allowing it to be used via the Style Window. Some aura styles can be obtained randomly from Promethium Lockboxes. Since update 26, auras are tradable between players.

Aura Styles were previously part of the Accessory style tab until game update 92 made Aura into a new category, with most former Accessory Styles reclassified in accommodation of the split.



Seasonal and Event Auras[]

Time Capsule Auras[]

Modular versions of the Blue Mystic Aura, Purple Blighted Aura, Red Doomed Aura and Red Kryptonite Aura are available to players.

Powerset auras likewise have modular versions, which are available from the Concentrated Power Set Aura Box.

Special Promotion Auras[]