Attack of the Anti-Monitor

Attack of the Anti-Monitor is an in-game event first introduced on occasion of the game's sixth anniversary in January 2017. It features all-new content including open-world missions in the Metropolis Anti-Matter Invasion Zone and a raid.

The event also features new gear, collections, feats and more.

In 2021 the event was updated with new open world missions and a new raid for the game's 10th anniversary.

Story[edit | edit source]

"So, I still haven't figured out a permanent solution to the time-trapped Anti-Monitor, but at least the problem hasn't gotten any worse, right? Just check in at my terminal, we'll have this solved in no time." — Oracle
"Hey, think that time-trapped Anti-Monitor has learned his lesson yet? Just... set up my terminal's connection, and well use my genius solution again." — Calculator

Face the Anti-Monitor and find a way to save the world.

Metropolis Anti-Matter Invasion Zone[edit | edit source]

Travel forward in time to an unimaginable future – our future – and to a new version of Metropolis where a Qwardian invasion from the antimatter universe is weakening the last of Earth’s defenses.

Speed Force Flux[edit | edit source]

Help the Flash stabilize a Flux in the Speed Force!

Centennial Collapse[edit | edit source]

With our Earth on the brink of destruction, it will be up to you to face the Anti-Monitor in this dark, possible future, and to do whatever is necessary before we and it are destroyed.

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Main article: Anti-Monitor Anniversary Event Feats

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* Brainiac Neural Network




* Trophy

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