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The Atlantean Monarch is a costume style set and an Iconic Battle Suit for any role.

Consisting of eight pieces, the set is themed after the hero Aquaman as a specialized Tier 5 PvE (Player versus Environment) set only available from Supergirl in the Meta Wing of the JLA Watchtower.

To obtain this set, players must be at Level 30, have a PvE Combat Rating of 84 or above and have the Origin Crisis episode.

The set is also available as style items from Vending Unit 00 in the Aquacultural Area of the Watchtower.


Atlantean Monarch (Damage - Precision)
Pieces Prices
Stats (Total)
  • 2 x Blue Socket
  • 4 x Red Socket
  • 2 x Yellow Socket
Atlantean Monarch (Damage - Might)
Pieces Prices
  • Sea King's Helm of Striking (head)
  • Sea King's Pauldrons of Striking (shoulders)
  • Sea King's Chestplate of Striking (chest)
  • Sea King's Greaves of Striking (legs)
  • Sea King's Sabatons of Striking (feet)
  • Sea King's Gauntlets of Striking (hands)
  • Sea King's Belt of Striking (waist)
  • Sea King's Scaled Protector of Striking (back)
Stats (Total)
  • 2 x Blue Socket
  • 4 x Red Socket
  • 2 x Yellow Socket
Atlantean Monarch (Controller)
Pieces Prices
  • Sea King's Helm of Command (head)
  • Sea King's Pauldrons of Command (shoulders)
  • Sea King's Chestplate of Command (chest)
  • Sea King's Greaves of Command (legs)
  • Sea King's Sabatons of Command (feet)
  • Sea King's Gauntlets of Command (hands)
  • Sea King's Belt of Command (waist)
  • Sea King's Scaled Protector of Command (back)
Stats (Total)
  • 2 x Blue Socket
  • 2 x Red Socket
  • 4 x Yellow Socket
Atlantean Monarch (Healer)
Pieces Prices
  • Sea King's Regenerative Helm (head)
  • Sea King's Regenerative Pauldrons (shoulders)
  • Sea King's Regenerative Chestplate (chest)
  • Sea King's Regenerative Greaves (legs)
  • Sea King's Regenerative Sabatons (feet)
  • Sea King's Regenerative Gauntlets (hands)
  • Sea King's Regenerative Belt (waist)
  • Sea King's Regenerative Scaled Protector (back)
Stats (Total)
  • 2 x Blue Socket
  • 2 x Red Socket
  • 4 x Yellow Socket
Atlantean Monarch (Tank)
Pieces Prices
  • Sea King's Protective Helm (head)
  • Sea King's Protective Pauldrons (shoulders)
  • Sea King's Protective Chestplate (chest)
  • Sea King's Protective Greaves (legs)
  • Sea King's Protective Sabatons (feet)
  • Sea King's Protective Gauntlets (hands)
  • Sea King's Protective Belt (waist)
  • Sea King's Protective Scaled Protector (back)
Stats (Total)
  • 4 x Blue Socket
  • 2 x Red Socket
  • 2 x Yellow Socket

Atlantean Monarch (Style)
Pieces Obtainment
  • Atlantean Monarch Helm (head)
  • Atlantean Monarch Pauldrons (shoulders)
  • Atlantean Monarch Chestplates (chest)
  • Atlantean Monarch Greaves (legs)
  • Atlantean Monarch Sabatons (feet)
  • Atlantean Monarch Gauntlets (hands)
  • Atlantean Monarch Belt (waist)
  • Atlantean Monarch Scaled Protector (back)




The Atlantean Monarch's overall color-scheme consists of three colors that can be chosen by the Player in the Style Window. Specific sections of the style's pieces can also be allocated a more specific colour by the Player.

Emblems do not appear while wearing this style.




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