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Area 51 Briefing Locations

Briefing: Area 51 is a collection of Briefings that can be found scattered across the Area 51 Alert Zone, accessible from a player's On Duty Menu upon achieving level 9.


"Brainiac has invaded Cadmus's base at Area 51!"

A Cadmus-run military base at Area 51, in the Nevada desert, has come under attack by Brainiac's forces. Contracted under both the U.S. government and Lexcorp to conduct kryptonite-based research at this location, Cadmus is exploring the mineral's effects on native earth life, as well as developing a process of producing it artificially. Cadmus' stockpile of the rare mineral would represent a significant threat if it were to fall into Brainiac's hands.


Part 1: Lois Lane[]

Area51 Brief LoisLane Loc.png Area51 Brief LoisLane.png
  • Zone: Area 51
  • Location: Beside the runway directly south of the Fuel Depot.
  • Briefing : Lois Lane: "This is Lois Lane with Daily Planet Live. A large Brainiac assault force is launching an attack on a military base inside the infamous Area 51. His target? A large store of green kryptonite, confiscated by the military for research. The base is run by Cadmus, a private government contractor, best known for their willingness to provide results without asking questions. More updates to come on Daily Planet Live."

Part 2: Amanda Waller[]

Area51 Brief AmandaWaller02 Loc.png Area51 Brief AmandaWaller02.png
  • Zone: Area 51
  • Location: In a crater on the northern side of the broken bridge between the Fuel Depot and the Ammo Dump.
  • Briefing : Amanda Waller: "This is Amanda Waller to the Area 51 Cadmus project. I will remind you that the U.S. government contracted you to complete our green kryptonite research. It must not fall into Brainiac's hands. Requests for Suicide Squad backup are being taken into consideration. Until then, we authorize you to defend yourself. Waller Out."

Part 3: Amanda Waller[]

Area51 Brief AmandaWaller01 Loc.png Area51 Brief AmandaWaller01.png
  • Zone: Area 51
  • Location: On the southern side of the broken bridge between the Fuel Depot and the Ammo Dump, on top of the ridge.
  • Briefing : Amanda Waller: "This is a U.S. government classified safety briefing on green kryptonite, sometimes called green K. Area 51 is the United States' primary storehouse for this alien mineral. Its effects on kryptonians, such as Superman, are well known, and include draining strength, even to death. However, effects on Earth lifeforms are still unknown."

Part 4: Jack Ryder[]

Area51 Brief JackRyder Loc.png Area51 Brief JackRyder.png
  • Zone: Area 51
  • Location: Found near the southern corner of Command and Control, next to a pile of ammunition crates outside the wall.
  • Briefing : Jack Ryder: "I'm Jack Ryder, and you are wrong! Why? Because your trust the government. I'm telling you, they've teamed up with private genetic powerhouse Cadmus, up in Area 51, and they're researching everything from green kryptonite to DNAliens. You think different? Then you are wrong!"

Part 5: Lex Luthor[]

Area51 Brief LexLuthor Loc.png Area51 Brief LexLuthor.png
  • Zone: Area 51
  • Location: In the dish of a destroyed communications array, northeast of the Brainiac Invasion Site.
  • Briefing : Lex Luthor: "Luthor to Cadmus. I've spent too long on our artificial kryptonite research to have Brainiac steal our raw materials. I trust our other projects have been secured at your other locations? If not, luckily I have allies on my payroll capable of remedying your incompetence. I'll deduct this from your payments as per our contract. Luthor out."

Part 6: Superman[]

Area51 Brief Superman Loc.png Area51 Brief Superman.png
  • Zone: Area 51
  • Location: Underneath a fallen light pole, lying across runway south of the Brainiac Invasion Site.
  • Briefing : Lois Lane: "Superman, Lois Lane from the Daily Planet. We hear that Brainiac is attacking Cadmus. As you know, they've been openly collecting kryptonite, the one element that can weaken you. Do you have any comment on ..."
Superman: "Ms Lane, I'm not sure where you get your information. Surely the U.S. government ensures that any Cadmus base is working within legal limits. As for the kryptonite threat, it seems that our new generation of heroes has inherited our strengths, but not our weaknesses. The JLA and I will be working closely with them to contain any threat from Brainiac, or anyone else."


Mail Messages[]

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Amanda Waller, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

float:left From: Amanda Waller Subject: Briefing: Area 51
"Coded Transmission Follows: This is Amanda Waller with Checkmate. Your work in the field is to be commended. I don't care what kind of ethos you follow, I need assets like you out there making sure things get done. Watch your back. Waller out."
Attachment: Boss of the Plains


Icon Hat Blue.png

This collection rewards the player with the Boss of the Plains style item (style: Cowboy).




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