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Aphrodite's Temple is a mission available during the 2011 Valentine's Day Event. Upon logging into the game after the event's start, heroes that have attained level 30 will find it listed in their Journal. This mission leads players into the event Alert Temple of Aphrodite, accessible through the Events tab of the On Duty Menu.


The goddess Aphrodite finds herself wondering which is stronger, the devotion embodied by Wonder Woman or the scorn embraced by Circe. The final confrontation between the two forces takes place in the goddess's temple itself, a struggle that Aphrodite watches with interest.


"Aphrodite's Temple is the stage for a showdown between Devotion and Scorn. Choose your side and convert Hearts to your cause - then use the power of loe to drain Hearts from the other side."



Oracle: "First Circe, now Aphrodite! The Olympian gods are certainly on the warpath. I'll check in with Wonder Woman - the last thing we need is Ares making an appearance. And oh, by the way - you make a cute Cherub. Oracle out."