"Hey, it's my good friend, the total stranger. I'm Ambush Bug." — Ambush Bug Base Pal

Ambush Bug Base Pal is an epic base item. He was introduced first for April Fool's Day 2017.

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The item is a reward for completing the collection Best Collection Ever

World AppearanceEdit


  • The Ambush Bug Base Pal can actually talk. He has quite some funny quips - Ambush Bug style.
    • "Wanna see a neat trick? I can talk without moving my lips"
    • "Say don't I owe you 5 bucks? Just kidding, where would I put a wallet in this outfit?"
    • "The Bug Cave is waaay sweeter than your place. I'd give you permission to enter it, but it's tooop secret."
  • This base item cannot be traded and cannot be donated for a league hall.


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