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Ally spawned near player character

Allies are an amalgamation of the previously known concepts of pets and artifacts. They are basically pets which can be fortified and which can take either a damaging or a supporting role.

Allies are fortified with the Ally Favor currency which can be collected through various game activities. Different allies have different abilities and a player character may have equipped up to three of them, one combat ally and two support allies.


Name Source Combat Support
Ally: Calculator-Bot Call For Allies (villains) / Cyborg (Vendor) Deals damage over time to enemies in the red ground target When taking damage, converts a small percentage of the damage into health
Ally: Cyborg Cyborg (Vendor) / Marketplace / Loyality Vendor Blasts a line of damage Increases your passive power recovery
Ally: Emperor Aquaman Marketplace / Loyality Vendor Calls a kraken to stun and damage enemies Increases specific pet damage or reduces active ally's power cooldown
Ally: Flashpoint Batman Marketplace / Loyality Vendor Brings down the heat on a single target Increases your solo defense or grants you increased health and heals
Ally: House of Legends Bot Cyborg (Vendor) Electrical stun affects single target Get power back from stunning enemy NPC
Ally: Oracle-Bot Call For Allies (heroes) / Cyborg (Vendor) Fires rocket barrage at single target Slowly repairs your gear over time
Ally: Professor Zoom Cyborg (Vendor) / Marketplace / Loyality Vendor Pulls enemies in for a burst of damage Speeds up your non-combat speed
Ally: Queen Diana Marketplace / Loyality Vendor Taunts and tanks enemies Increases your might or decreases enemy weapon damage
Ally: The Flash Cyborg (Vendor) / Marketplace / Loyality Vendor Whirls up a cone of damage Speeds up your return to normal speed post-combat


Breakthrough Ally Favors Catalysts
Affinity Level 2 500 1 x Rare Alliance
Affinity Level 3 1500 1 x Rare Alliance
Affinity Level 4 2500 2 x Rare Alliance
Affinity Level 5 4000 3 x Rare Alliance
Totals: 8500 7 x Rare Alliance