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Alexander Luthor is the last superhero of Earth 3 and a founding/surviving member of the Justice Underground movement.

Alexander Luthor is the Earth-3 version and moral opposite of New Earth's Lex Luthor.



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  • Alexander Luthor first appeared in JLA: Earth-2 (January, 2000)
  • DC Universe Online's rendition of the Crime Syndicate of America and related materials is a mixture of their depictions in the JLA: Earth 2 and Forever Evil comic book storylines, as well as their appearance in the Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (2010) animated movie.
  • Whenever he talks about Superman in the game it is written Super-MAN in the subtitles, which might mean despite being Lex's moral opposite that he shares his bigoted views against aliens, though this is only conjecture.


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