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Power absorbheat.png

A player using Absorb Heat.

Absorb Heat is a Fire power that becomes available at Level 22.


Consume the heat from your enemy's body causing damage over time. While channeling, you heal yourself over time.

Power Interactions : Burning enemies take additional damage. Restores additional health when used against Burning enemies.

Tank Role : Decreases the damage dealt, but increases the total healing.


Vulnerable to Interrupt
Cooldown: 3s
Power Cost: 300


Enflame, Engulf, Immolation, Inferno, Meteor, Meteor Strike, Reignition and Stoke Flames can be used to set up Absorb Heat for additional damage.
The Empowered Channeling Hands Equipment Mod removes Vulnerability to Interrupt, prevents standard control effects and increases Defense and Toughness by 5% when using Absorb Heat.