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Citizen Abra was a stage magician and illusionist in the 64th Century, going by the name Abra Kadabra. Using his future science, he came back to the 20th Century and committed various crimes that were often stopped by the Flash.

As the self-proclaimed Master of Magic, his prowess and sadistic attitude make him one of the Flash's most dangerous villains. Later he became an actual magic-user when he gains powers through a deal with Neron. He is a member of the both of The Rogues and the Secret Society of Super-Villains.


Citizen Abra was a stage magician in the 64 Century, going by the name Abra Kadabra. However, due to the advanced technology of his era, there was no demand for performances by those in his profession. No magic tricks could rival what could be done by simple science. However, when he heard of a recent scientific development, a time machine powered by M-Metal, which would be capable of a single trip through time, he decided to use it to go back to a time when magicians were celebrities. He invaded the laboratory where the machine was kept and used his gadgets to paralyze the scientists so that he could travel back to the 20th Century. He arrived in Central City, where he quickly began impressing people with his tricks, all performed by using 64th Century technology. When they didn't applaud, he would use his gadgets to make them applaud. After earning enough money to finance a series of shows, he was disappointed when no one attended due to more interesting things that conflicted with them, such as a World Series game and the dedication of a new statue in town. After reading the Picture News and determining that the best way to get publicity in Central City was by stealing things, he decided to steal the statue that was being dedicated. After the theft, he paralyzed all the witnesses, including Barry Allen, who as a result, was not able to chase after him as the Flash.

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