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Doctor Fate's scrying has revealed that the sorceress, Tala is attempting to create an apocalyptic army from the tortured and deranged. You must stop her rising army before it's too late!

A Black Dawn is a Tier 2 8-player operation for heroes who have reached a combat rating of 60.


Act 1[]

  • Meet Doctor Fate in his Sanctuary.
  • Help Doctor Fate defeat the invasion.

Act 2[]

  • Travel to Suicide Slums.
  • Use Doctor Fate's cleansing orbs to close Hell portals (Count: 8).
  • Release Hellish Atlantean Overlord and defeat him.

Act 3[]

  • Go to Gotham's East End.
  • Destroy demonic energy surrounding civilians (Count: 5)
  • Summon and defeat the Twisted Hell Lord.

Act 4[]

  • Travel to Otisburg
  • Defeat Maniacal Hellthrall Captain (along with Madcap Hellthrall Lieutenant & Wisecracker Hellthrall Lieutenant)
  • Defeat Tala (along with Bumbler Hellthrall)
  • Speak with Doctor Fate


  • Hellish Atlantean Overlord
  • Twisted Hell Lord
  • Maniacal Hellthrall Captain
  • Tala