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The 25th Century Communicator is a special event trinket that summons a Pet to aid the Player Character.

Using the communicator will grant a 5% Health buff for 30 seconds and summon Servo. Servo is a security robot from the future that will chat with you about various topics, such as your "old" 21st century customs, while watching your back (and attacking your enemies).


The 25th Century Communicator trinket was only given to Players with Legendary-level access on December 2012.


Servo is summoned on activation in addition to a 5% Health buff for 30 seconds.


Since game update 25 this item cannot be used in PvP arenas.


  • Servo is voiced by Brian Jepson.
  • Servo is conceptually based on Skeets, Booster Gold's companion robot.
  • Servo is the first Pet to be able to speak to the player.
  • While attempting to play a game of eye-spy, Servo reveals that he only can see in Cyan.
  • One of Servo's lines "DANGER" is an allusion to the Lost in Space television series, which features a robot known as Robot B-9 (or simply "Robot") whose catch phrase is "DANGER! DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!".


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